Packers & movers charges.


A brief guide about packers & movers charges.

How do packers & movers charge?
Packers and movers’ charges are dependent on Km & quantities of material but there is no fixed matrix to calculate rates per Km or per Kg. Cost calculations start by deciding the size of the vehicle as all commercial vehicles have different rates even though Km is constant.

What are the major costs What are the main factors on which charges/cost depends?

  1. Transportation Charges: This is the major cost factor. The transportation charges are different according to the distance between two locations and size & type of vehicle.
  2. Packing Material Charges: The rates of packing material are different according to the locations.
  3. Labour Charges for Loading.
  4. Labour Charges for Unloading.
  5. Unpacking and assembling Charges.
  6. Insurance Charges: 3% of Value of goods.

There is no fixed matrix on which all the above costs are calculated, let’s make it much easier to understand by using some examples below:
• Cost calculation of Moving from Ahmedabad to Mumbai: Suppose you are planning to move your 2bhk home from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, which is around 530 KM. Now after survey movers will decide a suitable vehicle according to the number of goods. Let’s assume the vehicle is of 17ft loading space. Now the movers will calculate the running rate of the vehicle. Along with that, the cost for manpower at both locations will be added with charges of packing material.

From Ahmedabad to Mumbai
Cost of Transportation 17500/-
Cost of Packing material 5,500/-
Cost of Loading 2400/-
Cost of Unloading 2600/-
Total 28,000/-

• Cost calculation of Moving from Silvassa to Gurgaon:
Let’s assume the goods are of 2×bedroom Hall &Kichten, the suitable vehicle is 19ft eicher. So the transportation charge from Silvassa to Chandigarh is 31,000/-. For Packing a 3bhk men’s power will be 5-6 & Material will be used of value around 6000/-. So here when we talk about packing & loading charges in Silvassa it will be 9000/- for a 2bhk. Unloading charges at Chandigarh will be around 3500/- for 5-6 team members. So let’s just add all these costs:

2Bhk moving Charges from Silvassa To Chandigarh:
Cost of Transportation 31000/-
Cost of Packing material 6000/-
Cost of Loading 2500/-
Cost of Unloading 3500/-
Total 43,000/-

Tips for lowering cost when hiring movers and packers:

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