Relocation Services

We provide household goods relocation services with an endeavor to achieve utmost customer satisfaction. Our company is well known for providing services like handling, packing & household goods relocation services and household goods relocation.

Our professional relocation services comprise of valuable information to our clients like kids’ schools, local culture, and other allied information. Our relocation services start from initial interaction with the client and extend till the goods are professionally unpackaged and arranged in the final destination. It helps clients in relieving tensions on planning, and execution of the relocation needs.

Our relocation team has set high standards in the markets for their minute level planning schedules and trouble-free and on-time execution of all the relocation processes.

Some of the salient features of our household goods relocation services are –

Customized Approach: We provide our clients customized relocation solutions based on the overall size of the consignment and convenience of our clients.

Screening of Consignment: Our experts first screen the consignment, so that they can provide the best solutions in regards to the kind of packaging material to be used.

Packing: We use the utmost care and all safety procedures during packaging processes. All the processes are conducted under the guidance of packaging experts.

On-Road Journey: We have a modern and dependable fleet of transporting carriers. It assures us with on-time delivery schedules.

Rearrangement at Destination Point: Our expert and skilled staff and workers give professional quality services in the rearrangement of the goods at the final destination point.

Consultancy Services: We also provide valuable consultancy services to our clients regarding the information on schools, important city points, the transport means, etc.


Car Carrier

Car Transportation | Car Moving | Auto Moving | Car Shipping

Want to move your Car? You have come to the right place, we provide car transportation facilities all over India. Whether you live in Ahmedabad & want to move your car to Kolkata or Maybe you want to shift your car from Delhi to Assam, we delivery anywhere & also we pick up from anywhere. All Over India Car/vehicle transportation service. We are trusted by thousands of our customers every year. If you are looking for a safe & secure way to move your vehicles from one place to another yes we can provide you such a service with 100% satisfaction.

Types of Car Moving services we provide:

  • MOVING IN CARRIER: We provide car transportation in highly compatible car carriers, which are 100% safe & secure.
  • MOVING CAR BY ROAD: Singhania packers and movers also transport your car by the road.  We have highly trained & expert drivers with experience of at least 5 years driving on highways.

What are the documents that a CAR TRANSPORTER require for moving your vehicle across states?

  • Insurance Copy
  • RC
  • Driving license
  • PUC

We at Singhania packers and movers totally want to make sure that your car is delivered in 100% the same condition in which we took it. A car is an expensive asset, isn’t it? and when someone damages it, it can lead to a huge expense, we understand this. That’s why we deliver your car with no-scratch. Our shipping team of drivers & car carrier contractors have a preplanned process & we always walk on that. Our customers can count on us whenever they need to ship their vehicles with 100% safety.

We can transport/ ship all types of cars from Micro, Suv, Cuv, Sedan to Van Door to Door. What makes your car moving so simple is you just have to call on 09824302113 & we’ll do everything. Picking up your car from your home & delivering it to your desired location.


Local Packers and Movers

Moving is always a headache even when it comes to moving locally.

  • Local Packers and Movers: Whether you’re moving over the road or crosswise over town, the well disposed teams of Singhania packers and movers can move your family unit anyplace in your city you have to go.

Once you have focused on having us move you, we allow the best possible group, vehicle, and gear, and place you in contact with a Relocation Consultant who is devoted to helping you with each aspect of your turn. You can get in touch with that person whenever, for assistance with any moving-related issue. We Singhania packers and movers give nearby moving administrations which incorporate :

  • Packing of all your furniture, books, utensils, cloths & everything else.
  • Loading your material in the truck.
  • Transporting materials to your new house.
  • Unloading materials & placing them into your new home.
  • Assembling your beds & furniture.

Contact Us today to move freely without having any troubles in your moving plan. We take care of everything.


Long Distance Packers and Movers

Arranging and making a long separation move can be an amazingly upsetting knowledge. With a million activities to move your family, the exact opposite thing you need is to battle through the troublesome procedure of picking a reliable moving organization with the correct cost. As a long separation moving organization for more than 18 years,  Singhania’s packing and moving have been moving individuals simply like all of you over the nation.

We do more than 500 moves each year with over 70% of our clients either being return customers or having been prescribed by our old clients. That is 70%! That is the reason we consider a client of Singhania packers and movers, a client forever! Long separation moving is very extreme, not just on account of the separation between the first goal and the finish of the move yet in addition since it includes a great deal of moving and pressing exertion. So as to become acquainted with more about across the nation migration, you have to get ready no less than half a month ahead of time. This isn’t something that you can simply trifle with, which is the thing that our moving facilities are here for

Here are a few Singhania packer’s tips for long distance moving:

  • Check for all the necessary documents & permits.
  • You should hire reliable movers.
  • If moving a vehicle make sure you provide Rc’s & insurance’s Xerox to the transporter.
  • Make sure everything is safely packed.
  • Double check packing list & make sure all the items are marked properly.

Household Packers and Movers

Household Goods Moving Services

The safe and proper packaging of goods is of paramount importance to us. We give due attention to minute details while packaging processes and to household goods moving services. Our personnel use premium quality packaging materials like wrapping papers, cartons, wooden boxes, etc., to maintain the safety of the goods. Our packaging personnel is professionally trained to handle all types of packaging needs, be it stationary or glass items. All the packing processes is done under the guidance and supervision of our packaging experts, who work tirelessly making sure that the goods are perfectly packed and don’t get damaged during transportation.

Our household goods moving services are divided into five heads.
They are –

Packing: We have our own packaging experts, under whose active supervision the goods are packed in the best quality and appropriate packaging materials.

Moving and relocating: Understanding all the details pertaining to the packing of office goods, we offer safe and prompt relocating services. Once the task is handled to us, we relieve clients from all anxieties, by providing on-time on-time delivery schedules at clients’ doorstep.

Transportation: We provide our clients door to door transporter services. Our fleet of vehicles is new and well maintained. It ensures that the goods safety and delivery schedules are maintained.

Loading & Unloading: All the activity of loading and unloading are done under experienced supervision and carried out by skilled and trained workers. We ensure that the whole shipment is loaded and unpacked with the utmost care and in a professional manner.

Insurance: Our representatives arrange for adequate insurance covers for the consignments. It helps in saving the valuable time of our clients and taking care in case of accidental mishaps.

As one of the leading relocators of India, we have developed extensive networks across the country. It helps us in offering faster and reliable services to our clients. We have a healthy mix of professional staff and trained skilled laborers. They have the requisite know-how and possess the delicate touch for handling all types of goods, be it professional or personal.

Some of the areas we touch for household packaging are –

  • Living Room
  • Dining Room
  •  Bedroom
  •  Nursery Room
  •  Kitchen
  •  Study Room